HitchPost Gallery and Videos

The best protector of boats and will certainly stop drive offs. 

The original Hitchpost built by an old sawmill fitter.  Heavy, strong and bullet proof.  However not practical for resale.  Hence the journey of redesign and development to the current version.  

Standard Hitchpost used for most 1/78 or 50mm Balls

Padlock inside post to stop thieves cutting the lock off


Uk type caravans with the Alko hitch.

Jetski protection light enough to take with you and use when parked up. 


Production prior to folding.

Production folded prior to welding.

The DO35 coupling lock.  Many Australian caravans have these couplings.

UK caravan using a Hitchpost for security 

DO35 coupling Hitchpost

Standard Hitchpost protecting a boat





Demonstration Video - How To fit a Hitchpost DO35