Frequently asked questions about the Hitch-Post trailer and caravan lock

Q.    Can I talk to someone before I buy to make sure it will fit my trailer or caravan

A.     Absolutely  Call Rod on 027 449 4489 or text and we will return your call

Q.     Can we take this lock when we travel

A.    Yes you can it is made from aluminium and weighs about 4.5kg.  However the real purpose of the Hitchpost is to secure your trailer/caravan at your address so you can be sure that it is safe when you are away from home.

Q.    How does the Hitch-Post work

A.   Just as you place your coupling onto the ball of your towbar you place your coupling onto the tongue in the Hitchpost.  You then rotate the cam to place  pressure on top of the coupling to stop it being lifted off the Tongue (ball).  The cam is then locked by way of the locking pin and padlock so it can't be rotated.  

Q.     Once the Hitch-Post is on the coupling can I remove my Jockey wheel

A.     Absolutely as this is a major feature of the Hitch-Post.  You will know if you leave the weight off the caravan, boat on the jockey wheel you end up with a flat spot on the wheel.  The hitchpost is strong enough to take the weight of your caravan or trailer.  In fact if you remove the jockey wheel it's another obstacle to deter thieves.

 Q.     Are the coloured pieces painted and can we change the colour

 A.     The colour portions of the Hitchpost are anodised and come in three colours depending on the type of post.  If you require a different colour scheme this can be arranged however you are restricted to the anodised range of colours and there will be a charge for this option.  Or the pieces can be painted and therefore any colour is an option. 

Q.     Are these made in NZ

A.    Yes they are.  They are produced by Metco Engineering Lower Hutt and distributed by Hitchpost Limited a NZ register company based in Matata BOP

Q.     Do you sell Hitchposts to other retailers

A.     Not at this stage however we are alway keen to explore opportunities.

Q.    Are Hitchposts better than wheel clamps

A.     They both have a purpose however some of the cheaper wheel clamps can easily be removed.  YouTube has many videos on how to remove wheel clamps.  Also with portable grinders many locks and clamps are easily cut off.  We have designed the Hitchpost to be difficult to remove without a lot of noise and effort.

Q.    Can the padlock be cut off with a grinder

A.    No the lock is inside the post and there is no way a grinder can get at the lock

Q.    Does the Hitchpost fit every type of coupling

A.    Most coupling that are on the market at this moment will fit the Hitch-Post.  The tongue (ball) has three settings and the cam is designed for the various coupling heights.  We have two versions.  One for the standard trailer/boat trailer coupling and another version for the UK type caravans.  The Hitchpost will also fit the Off Road type coupling found on the Australia outback caravans 

Q.   Can the Hitchpost be secured to the ground on grass.

A.    Yes it can.  All you need is a ground screw with a 12mm dia. tee welded to the top of the ground screw shaft.  We hope to provide these on our site in the near future.  Can give advice on how to make one if needed. 

Q.    Does the Hitchpost have to be secured to the ground

A.    No it works just fine when it rests on the ground or a piece of wood to bring it up to the right height.  

Q.    Can you secure the Hitchpost to the concrete

A.   Yes.  There is a number of ways however we do sell a 12mm anchor plug that can be inserted into your concrete slab by drilling a 16mm hole.   This anchor plug has a M12 thread into which you can screw a tee piece.  (as showing in products) or make your own.  The Hitchpost fits over this Tee piece and once turned 90 deg. and locked onto the coupling can't be removed.  you can watch a video here

Q.    Are the keys unique to your lock

A.     Yes.  You receive three keys and there are no copies so no-one else has a key that will fit your lock.