This article appeared in the Gisborne Herald- Stolen Trailers

Caravans, trailers stolen

A number of trailers and caravans have been stolen from properties around Gisborne in recent weeks and police said in almost all cases they were visible from the road.

“This makes it easy for thieves to spot the items they want to take, and either commit an opportunistic offence or form a plan to return later,” a police spokesman said.

“Where possible, owners of trailers and the like should make every effort to position them on their property where they cannot be easily seen from the road.

“We recognise that this is not always possible or practical and we would encourage anyone who has a trailer or caravan parked on their property to ensure it is appropriately secured using a locking device.”

Such devices can be purchased from local auto parts retailers.

Trailers containing valuable items like boats and quad bikes have been targeted, along with caravans.

A caravan was taken from Emily Street in Riverdale yesterday morning.

“This is also a timely reminder for us all to keep an eye on the properties of our friends, families and neighbours.

“Any theft or burglary that is occurring when you see it, or you think someone is behaving suspiciously and is about to commit a burglary or theft, then call 111 and ask for Police,” the spokesman said.

“We would rather come and check out what is happening at the time and possibly prevent a theft or burglary, than investigate one after it has happened.”