Stolen Caravan lead to designing and building anti theft devices

Some 18 months age our Majestic Sierra caravan was stolen from our driveway in the middle of the night.    It was a wet noisy night and although we heard a loud bang as it was towed over the wheel chokes we thought it was a chair blowing over on our deck and didn't get up to enquire.
Covi our insurance company were very good and paid out within a couple of weeks.  We immediately went on line to and found a replacement van. A majestic Knight.  This caravan was almost new so we imported it into NZ and have been very happy with it.  
Now you can imagine we certainly didn’t want this van to be stolen.  It’s not only the lost of a caravan its all the bits and pieces of personal items you have inside.  Our stolen van had a brand new Webber BBQ under the bed and our personal clothes in the wardrobes.  It’s this loss of personal items that really hurts and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.
This drove me to start designing anti theft devices to help owner’s secure their caravans and trailers. 
Having an engineering background I thought how can I design a clamp that will deter the would be thieves from having a go.  The aim was to make one in such a way that removing it would create noise and attention.
I’m confident we have manufactured a coupling clamp that is affordable and of sufficient strength so as to deter thieves.